Stonewall Collegiate Course Outlines

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Mrs. R. BrewsterMathematics 10F
PreCal 40S
Mrs. C BrunelMathematics 10F
Biology 30S
Mr. R. ComeaultMathematics 10F
Essentials 20S
Applied & PreCal Mathematics 20S
Applied Mathematics 40S
Mrs. M. Conger-MorrisonFrench 10F
French 20F
French 30S/40S
Mrs. J. DennisVisual Arts 20S
Visual Arts 30S
Mr. R. GabelMathematics 10F
Pre-Cal 30S
Applied Pre 20S
Mr. D GregovskiBusiness Innovations 10S
Retailing Perspectives 20S
Mr. C. GrievePromotions 20S
Essentials 40S
Phys. Ed. 40F

Mr. J. HourieELA/Social Studies 10F
Géographie 20F
Approche par Project 10F
Français 20S
Mrs. D. JohnsonScience 20F
Biology 40S

Mr. W. JohnsonDrafting 15G
Electronics 15G
Drafting 20G
Drafting 30G

Ms. C. KnightELA 20F
Psychology 40S

Mr. B. LeschysonCareer Development 20S
History 30S
Mrs. H. McAuleyFamily Studies 10F
Family Studies 20F
Human Ecology 20S
Mrs. C. MunchCareer Development 20S

Mr. O. NishiELA/Social Studies 10F
ICT 115
Web Design/2D Animation 35S
Mr. K. NixonPhys. Ed. 10F/20F
Phys. Ed. 40F 100%
Essentials Mathematics 30S
Mrs. K. ObachDrama 10S
Drama 20S
Drama 30S
Music 30S
Mr. T. OsnachWoodworking Technology 15G
Woodworking Technology 25G
Woodworking Technology 30G
Woodworking Technology 40G
Ms. T. PetkauELA 20S
Mr. D. RankineBiologie 30S (Français version)
Biologie 30S (English version)
Français 10F (Français version)
Français 10F (English version)
Mathématiques 10F (Français version)
Mathématiques 10F (English version)
Biologie 40S (Français version)
Biologie 40S (English version)

Ms. K. RapkeGeography 20F
Reading Is Thinking 10S
Science 10F
Mrs. J. ReimerHuman Ecology 15G
Environmental Design 30G
Environmental Design 40G
Mr. M. SchoofsMetalwork Technology 15G
Metalwork Technology 25G
Metalwork Technology 30G
Metalwork Technology 40G
Ms. J. SonnenbergELA/Social Studies 10F
Science 20F
Mrs. C. SteevesPhys. Ed.10F/20F
Phys. Ed. 33%
Phys. Ed. 30F/40F
Mr. R. TrotterComputer Science 40S Pygame
Physics 30S
Science 10F
Mrs. C. VothAmerican History 20G
Mr. D. WallPhys. Ed.10F/20F
Phys. Ed. 33%
Phys. Ed. 30F/40F