Mr. J. Cassils - Principal - Email
Mr. B. Baldwin - Vice Principal - Email
Mr. J. Loochuk - Vice Principal - Email
Mr. B. Baldwin - High School Apprenticeship Program - Email
Mrs. R. Brewster - Mathematics - Email
Ms. C. Brunel - Alternative Program, Mathematics - Email
Mr. R. Comeault - Mathematics - Email
Mrs. M. Conger-Morrison - French, French Immersion Resource, Geography - Email
Mrs. J. Dennis - Art - Email
Mr. R. Gabel - Mathematics - Email
Mr. C. Grieve - Physical Education/Health, Mathematics - Email
Mrs. A. Harris - Resource, Guidance - Email
Mr. J. Hourie - English, Français, French Immersion, Social Studies - Email
Mrs. D. Johnson - Chemistry, Science - Email
Mr. W. Johnson - Drafting, Electronics - Email
Ms. K. Kerelchuk - Biology, English, Social Studies - Email
Ms. C. Knight - English, Psychology - Email
Mr. B. Leschyson - Career Development, History - Email
Mr. J. Loochuk - Guidance - Email
Mrs. H. McAuley - Family Studies, Textile Arts and Design - Email
Mr. C. McCluskey - Guidance - Email
Mrs. L. McIntosh - Guidance - Email
Mr. B. Mooney - Alternative Program, Geography, LAUNCH Program - Email
Mrs. C. Munch - Alternative Program - Email
Mr. O. Nishi - ACT, Digital Pictures/Film, Web Design, English, Geography, Social Studies - Email
Mr. K. Nixon - Physical Education/Health, Mathematics - Email
Mrs. K. Obach - Choral, Drama - Email
Ms. A. Okeke - English, Social Studies - Email
Mr. T. Osnach - Woodworking Technology - Email
Mrs. L. Pawluk - Career Development Internship, Resource - Email
Ms. T. Petkau - English, Law - Email
Mr. D. Rankine - Biologie, Mathématiques, Français, Sciences De La Nature - Email
Ms. K. Rapke - Science, Alternative, Reading is Thinking - Email
Mrs. J. Reimer - Family Studies, Foods and Nutrition - Email
Mrs. C. Schoeman - Band - Email
Mr. M. Schoofs - Metalwork Technology - Email
Mrs. C. Steeves - Physical Education/Health - Email
Ms. L. Sturgeon - Resource, LAUNCH Program - Email
Mr. R. Trotter - Physics, Chemistry, Science, Computer Science - Email
Mrs. C. Voth - English, History - Email
Mr. D. Wall - Physical Education/Health - Email
Ms. J. McLaughlin Mr. S. Petrowski
Mr. R. Philippot
Mr. J. Isbister
Ms. T. Bracken - EmailMrs. T. Lamm - Email
Mrs. P. Harris Mr. A. Neufeld
Mrs. S. Ward
Mrs. A. Huzul
Mrs. K. MacLean Mr. C. Gilson
Mrs. S. Ward Mrs. C. Chamaillard
Mrs. S. Smelski Mrs. L. Stutsky
Mrs. P. Proctor Mrs. B. Neabell-Turbett
Mr. J. Yaworski - Email
Ms. V. Brzuskiewicz - Email
Mrs. T. Holod Mrs. C. Maryniuk
Mrs. J. Schmuelgen
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