Welcome to Stonewall Collegiate’s Virtual Open House!

We have created a series of videos to give you all the information you need to register for Grade 9!

Please watch the “Introduction to Stonewall Collegiate” and “A Day in the Life at SCI” first as they are the presentations that are usually made at your schools.

Then watch the Elective Course videos. These short PowerPoints will give you an idea of what each course is all about. You may want to PAUSE the video on each slide in order to read them thoroughly. If you prefer to read about the courses, you can find the course description booklets on our home page under Course Registration 20-21.

Once you have made your decisions about the electives you’d like to take, be sure to watch the “Online Course Selection Instructions” video. This step by step guide will walk you through the registration process. ***HINT: Have the video open on another device as you go through the registration process. Then you can follow it slowly!***

**When you have finished watching the videos, click here to log in to PowerSchool and register. Be sure you have watched the Online Course Selection Instructions Video!!!**

If you do not have your PowerSchool Login information, contact your current school and they can provide it to you.

If you have any questions or problems, be sure to contact us!


Video 1: Introduction to Stonewall Collegiate
Video 2: A Day In The Life At SCI
Video 3: Online Course Selection Instructions
Computer Essentials (ACT) 15F/215F
Career Development 10SConcert Band 10S
Business Innovations 10SConcert Choir 10SDrama 10S
Family Studies 10SFrench Communication and Culture 10FFood and Nutrition 15S
Textile Arts and Design 15SIntroductory Metalwork 15GIntroductory Woodwork 15G
Reading is Thinking 10SVisual Arts 10SIntroductory Drafting Design and Electronics 15G